Thinnest Laptop Dell Adamo XPS will cost 2000

Thinnest Laptop Dell Adamo XPS will cost $ 2,000

Publishing Business Week published an article which stated that sales in the world's finest laptop Dell Adamo XPS will begin October 22, with the release of Windows 7. After all, her laptop-based record. Its value, as one would assume, is not the budget — it is $ 2000. Recall claimed thick Dell Adamo XPS — only 9.99 mm. Naturally, in this case does not provide an optical drive, which applies the necessary connectors, it just according to their thickness and engineered building is clearly visible in the images.

Dell Adamo XPS

Also, the source reported that the Dell Adamo XPS has a very interesting design element: the edge he placed the bar, is sensitive to heat. If you run your finger over it, it glows white, and the lid will open automatically. Housing, by the way, is made of aluminum. Details of the characteristics of this new product yet, we only know that it is equipped with 13.4-inch display and, most likely, energy efficient processor Intel ULV.