The sixth version of the IP protocol beginning to catch

The sixth version of the IP protocol beginning to catch

Open international community Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which develops Internet protocols and architecture at its regular forum in Anaheim, California, stated the obvious fact & ndash-growing World Wide Web users begin to use a new version of the IP protocol called Internet Protocol version 6.


For example, Heoff Houston (Geoff Huston) from APNIC, registrar, issuing IP addresses in the Asia-Pacific region, pointed out some figures to prove the popularity of IPv6. For instance, in the routing protocol BGP attended by more than 322,500 ranges of IPv4 addresses and address ranges 2770 IPv6. However, it is understood that because of the need to store IPv4 addresses ISPs create small blocks of IPv4 addresses, and are often forced to return to the old address. Thus, for determining the current popularity of IPv6 back and count the correct BGP compliant networks.

The number of such networks for IPv4 protocol is 34,214, while for IPv6, this value is 2090. So, now 6.1 percent of all networks involve IPv6 in their routers. But by 2017, this number should reach 80 percent if current trends. Note that the protocol used by IPv6 address length 128 bits instead of 32 bits implemented in IPv4. Thus, IPv6 can provide a lot more Internet addresses than IPv4, despite the fact that the address space of the latter will soon be exhausted.