The level of spam in the world fell by 30 percent

The level of spam in the world fell by 30 percent

Companies Entensys and Commtouch announced that their recent study showed a 30 percent drop in spam during the fourth quarter of 2010. A significant decrease in the proportion of spam in the global e-mail message is a continuation of trends which marked the start of the closure last September Spamit. The charges brought against the owners of the network that distributed significant percentage "and pharmaceutical" — spam in October caused a massive voluntary termination of other spam networks.


Thus, the proportion of unwanted messages in December fell by 30 percent compared with those of September. The average rate for the fourth quarter amounted to 83 percent of spam, which is 5 percent less than in the third quarter.

Also changed the nature of spam attacks. In the fourth quarter surge in activity networks that distribute unsolicited messages are generally less visible than in the previous quarter, with the exception of two large outbreaks in mid-October and mid-December. Declined indicators traditional New Year surge in spam activity. Research suggests that the most inferior Christmas flash bursts spam attacks last year.

Commtouch and Entensys emphasize that it is too early to talk about the continuation of the trends described in the future. Experts say these companies that the temporary reduction in the activity of spam networks may vary sharp jump performance up, as has happened before.