The final version of Opera 1050 — the fastest web browser for Windows

The final version of Opera 10.50 — the fastest web browser for Windows

The company Opera Software released the final version of the browser Opera 10.50. According to the company, it is the fastest browser ever developed for computers running Windows. Opera 10.50 has a new minimalist interface, and the ability to work in private mode in which the browser does not store information about user visits to sites. Download Opera 10.50 is available for free at

Opera 10.50

In Opera 10.50 introduced many major and minor improvements, but its main feature according to developers is a minimalistic interface that frees up valuable space for displaying content. Opera menu button replaces the traditional menu bar and now access all the options and browser settings in one click.

Opera 10.50

Opera 10.50 & ndash-fastest browser, has ever produced a company. One of its main innovations is Carakan JavaScript engine and graphics library Vega. For end users, this means almost instant downloading content websites. In order to ensure the preservation of private data Opera has provided private mode browsing the internet. When you activate this mode traces of online users are not saved. Individuals can not do everything just the browser, but also separate tabs.

The users of Windows 7 and Windows Vista are available effects Aero Glass, which supports Opera 10.50, such as Aero Peek and Jump Lists. Now you can work with Express-panel quick access to favorite sites, and tabbed directly from the taskbar of the operating system.

In addition, Opera 10.50 better supports open standards HTML5 and CSS3, allowing web developers to create applications that run on a fully open technology. The final version of Opera 10.50 is being offered only for Windows 42 languages. Versions of Opera 10.50 for Mac and Linux will be announced further in the near future.