Steve Jobs confirms iPad with iOS 42 will lose the lock screen

Steve Jobs confirms: iPad with iOS 4.2 will lose the lock screen

It seems that with the release of firmware iOS 4.2 for the iPad this popular tablet computer will lose one of its functions (at least in its current form). In the next round of his now traditional correspondence with users of Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) confirmed that iOS 4.2 for iPad will change the appointment of one of the hardware buttons located on the side of the tablet.


This is a button with the function Screen rotation lock, which allows users to store the orientation of the image on the iPad screen, regardless of the spatial position of the device. — With the advent of firmware — iOS 4.2 this switch will change its destination on Mute, ie the inclusion of & ldquo-dumb & rdquo-operation.

Recall button switch to Mute present in the original version of the iPad, announced last January, but at what went on sale in spring Tablet PC its designation was changed to the option to lock the screen orientation. Thus, the Cupertino company is going back to the original version iPad. But the question whether the functionality will make the said button option variable across settings, Steve Jobs replied briefly and capacious & ldquo-No & rdquo-.