Phones Samsung Shark — social media and mobile shark

Phones Samsung Shark — social media and mobile "shark"

Company Samsung Electronics has announced a new series of mobile phones under the name Shark. It includes three models — Shark (S5350), Shark 2 (S5550) and Shark 3 (S3550). According to the manufacturer, the mobile "sharks" are designed for active users who value in mobile phones ample multimedia features and the opportunity at any time to contact your friends and family via instant messenger instant messaging and social networks. Shark line of devices equipped with special application Social Networking Services (SNS), which provides quick access to websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and so on. In addition, the Mobile Tracker feature will help locate lost or stolen phone is also able to quickly send an SOS message to a pre-specified contact.

Samsung S5350

Model Samsung Shark (S5350) is made in candybar thickness of 11.9 mm. It is enclosed in a metal case and is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera. The company also notes the striking asymmetrical design and GUI phone. Slider Samsung Shark 2 (S5550) more functional. It features an AMOLED display and 5MP camera. For file storage features 110 MB of internal memory which can be expanded through cards microSD. Connectivity (of course, in addition to cellular networks) presented a Bluetooth and USB.

Samsung S5550

Phone Samsung Shark 3 (S3550) also has a slider with a numeric keypad. But it is more simple, equipped with 2 megapixel camera, 40MB of internal memory and slot for microSD. But Shark 3 has original design back panel. It is metallic, with a rough surface that looks very unusual. All three new products will be available this month, their price information yet.

Samsung S3550