What children are looking at online sex and porn still popular

What children are looking on the internet? Sex and porn still popular

Symantec's made a rating of the most popular search queries children. This service used OnlineFamily.Norton, which allows parents to monitor children's online activity. As it turns out, children under 18 are looking for on the internet is not a saga "Sumerki.Novolunie" or "Sesame Street" (or, at least not in the first place). The first three rows rating are YouTube, Google and Facebook, but that's followed by such requests, as "sex" and "porn". However, more interested in sex with boys, girls it is only in fifth position, behind Taylor Swift (American performer in country style).

Fortified candybar Sony Ericsson Susan may be Android smartphone

Fortified candybar Sony Ericsson Susan may be Android smartphone

We have already mentioned in the news about mobile phones Sony Ericsson Susan and Sunny, a candy bar and slider, respectively, in both strong and waterproof housings. Then were published only very high quality image devices, and now the network, a new image of Sony Ericsson Susan in good quality. Moreover, the screen shows very well and is non-standard software platform for A2 (A200), which is used by Sony Ericsson for your mobile phone.

Sony Ericsson Susan

It is possible that the company just redesigned interface platform, but several sources have suggested that Sony Ericsson Susan is based on Android.