Fotodebyut Windows Phone 7 communicator LG C900

Fotodebyut: Windows Phone 7 communicator LG C900

In the global network appeared "live" pictures communicator LG C900. This model, according to the source, running the operating system Windows Phone 7. It is enclosed in a casing with rounded corners and is a slider phone with touch screen and sliding QWERTY keyboard. Buttons on the device, as expected, three. Only two of them — "Search" and "Return" — sensory and located directly below the display, and the button Windows — hardware, chrome, she placed even lower.

LG C900

The shell LG C900 matte black. This device is designed for the U.S. operator AT &-T: the relevant section can be found in the main menu.

Thousands of Russian social networks accounts leaked online

Thousands of Russian social networks accounts leaked online

In the global network logins and passwords leaked social network "VKontakte" and "Classmates". Accounts written in a text file with 77 pages and can be found on file sharing Just order list 4579 ID-password pairs, and he has watched many visitors. These accounts have already begun to break through this information and used to send spam. We know of at least one case lock for spamming this broken Account Administration "facebook".


As the "Kaspersky Lab", this list was able to get through phishing or any virus, common on computers of victims.