Ogon Wallet

Ogon Wallet

Now people are more concerned about not only their physical but also adequate information security. Computers are protected by antivirus and firewall, more set passwords on gadgets.

Nowadays, often stealing the information contained in identity documents, to commit all sorts of fraud. Many of us use credit cards that have radio frequency tags (they are read by fraudsters in some way). To nepostradavshye perpetrators of such acts can buy useful Wallet Ogon Wallet, that securely protects your personal data.

This wallet is made of aluminum, which will prevent unauthorized-read information from RFID technology with your plastic cards and various other documents.

Stylish Camera Canon IXUS 130 and IXUS 105 — creativity in a compact package

Stylish Camera Canon IXUS 130 and IXUS 105 — creativity in a compact package

Canon has introduced two new products in the series IXUS: a model IXUS 130 and IXUS 105. As the manufacturer, they combine functionality, ease of use and stylish design. Sleek and Ultra-compact IXUS 130 camera with a thickness in the widest part is 17.8 mm, is by far the most petite in this series.

Canon IXUS 130

IXUS 130 and IXUS 105 & ndash-it's not just design, but also a set of easy-to-use features that simplify the process of creating images. Both cameras feature a 28mm wide angle lens with 4x zoom. Face Detection Technology Canon's provides quality group portraits. IXUS 130 also offers a comfortable and enjoyable ways to create images: taking a position in front of the lens shutter can be triggered by a smile or a wink.