Such a competitor we do not need television block access to web content for Google TV

This competitor is not needed — Television block access to web content for Google TV

It seems that recently announced platform Google TV, the development of which we have repeatedly reported that there was a very serious and powerful opponent. The three major U.S. television companies, including ABC, CBS and NBC, blocked full access to streaming video content on their websites for devices with support for Google TV, including HDTV set-top box from Sony and Logitech.

Google TV

About Google TV announcements of compatible systems, we also recently mentioned in the news. So, way networking platform Google TV, which Internet giant has high hopes risks to remain without enough content including TV series and TV shows produced by these TV studios.

HTC Shift Ultra-Mobile PC is resurrected with Mac OS X on board

HTC Shift Ultra-Mobile PC is resurrected with Mac OS X on board

In this age of electronic devices generations succeed each other with such speed that, I think, only a few will remember Ultra PC HTC Shift. This UMPC with 7-inch touch LCD screen was already announced back in 2007 and, despite good for its time, the functionality was not really accepted and demanded by the market.

HTC Shift

However, it is outdated device that runs on a processor with Intel Stealey 800MHz, coupled with 1GB of RAM and hard drive capacity of 40 GB or 60, was selected by enthusiasts of the forum XDA Devlopers as & ldquo-guinea pig & rdquo-for a very bold experiment.

As a result, some effort enthusiasts managed to successfully transfer to HTC Shift operating system Mac OS X 10.5.6 instead of the original Windows Vista.