Color eBooks Nexx NRM-51 and NRM-71 can see photos and video

Color eBooks Nexx NRM-51 and NRM-71 can see photos and video

Company Nexx Digital has introduced in the Russian market ebooks colored LED lights. Devices can not only read books in electronic format, but also listen to music, watch photos and videos in Full HD quality.

Nexx NRM-51

In the market there will be two models eBooks Nexx c LED screen & ndash-Nexx NRM-51 and Nexx NRM-71 (5 and 7-inch screen, respectively). According to the manufacturer, the main distinguishing feature of the new e-book Nexx screen is made by LED technology. With this technology, significantly increased the contrast, brightness and viewing angle of the screen, as compared with conventional TFT screens.  -

Samsung E65 E-book went on sale

Samsung E65 E-book went on sale

Samsung has released one of its selling eBooks — Samsung E65 & ndash-UK. Module generated by using electronic paper, equipped with QWERTY keyboard and touch screen.

Samsung E65

If more details & ndash-this e-book with 6-inch touch screen with electronic paper technology and a resolution of 600 x 800 pixels. It is equipped with AMR processor with a clock speed of 667 MHz, 2 GB of internal memory, a slot for memory cards format microSD, USB 2.0. There is also Wi-Fi and proprietary technology Emolink, which allows you to transfer information from one device to another.

For data entry and device control can be used Switchboard QWERTY keyboard or stylus.