800 Series CPE devices complement Motorola WiMAX portfolio

800 Series CPE devices complement Motorola WiMAX portfolio

Division of Motorola Networks announced the expansion of its line of WiMAX devices User class (CPE) with two new models: CPEi CPEi 800 and 885. As the producer, CPEi 800 is suitable for operators and their customers who need high performance modem for data and model CPEi 885 has a powerful potential to deploy home networks with high-speed broadband internet access and a full set of digital entertainment.

Motorola CPEi 800

Motorola CPEi 800 — an inexpensive wireless modem with basic functions for data transmission offered in all ranges. It is suitable for rapid network deployment in regions with low density of subscribers, as well as for markets where other methods are difficult to provide high-speed Internet access.

Solid State Drive Intel X25-V 40 GB costs $ 125

Solid State Drive Intel X25-V 40 GB costs $ 125

Following the announcement of its budget by OCZ Onyx SSD drives cost less than $ 100, the same initiative and acted Corporation Intel. World chipmeyker began supplying stripped-down version of its solid-state drive Intel X25-M for less than $ 150. Novelty called Intel X25-V, and the first reliable information about it appeared in November last year.

Intel X25-V

New inexpensive SSD drive Intel X25-V is made in a standard 2.5-inch form factor and built on 34 nm chip NAND memory with multilevel cells (MLC). Capacity decision of 40 GB, which is enough to use it, for example, as a drive in netbooks or boot drive in desktop computers.