So what are you monster — NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 lit the photo

So who are you, monster — NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 "lit up" the photo

Previously, we have repeatedly written in the news about the new flagship graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 is probably ready for release in November and December. This & ldquo-graphical Monster & rdquo-should be a response from the company's Santa Clara for the coming next month announce a series of powerful accelerators AMD Radeon HD 6900 (Cayman).

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580

Previously, the existence of GeForce GTX 580 (or at least plans to release this model) indirectly confirmed the official website of NVIDIA. From what is currently known about this DX11 adapter, you can select the new 40 nm chip GF110, encapsulating the active 512 CUDA cores and about 128 texture units, and the availability of 2GB & ldquo-nabortnoyi & rdquo-memory with 384/512- bit GDDR5 interface.

Quad-core processor from Marvell Armada not appear on mobile devices

Quad-core processor from Marvell Armada not appear on mobile devices

Not long ago we reported about the official announcement by the new Marvell processor applications branded series Armada, carrying onboard three cores. Moreover, two of these cores have a clock speed of 1.5 GHz, and graphics power Armada 628 is enough to deal with three-dimensional graphics and videos in resolution of 1080p. In addition, the new chip has low power consumption and support the USB interface 3.0.i designed for use in portable electronic devices.

Marvell Armada 628

However, experts Marvell, it seems, does not intend to stop there and already are developing a processor that includes as many as four cores.