Photo Google Nexus One with Android platform 30

Photo Google Nexus One with Android 3.0 platform

On the Internet a photograph of a smartphone with firmware version Android 3.0. The device is completely invisible, but judging from the inscription in the OSD menu is Google Nexus One. Its screen is also mention of a number of firmware — 3.0. It is possible that one of the models tested in the laboratories of Google, or placing one of its employees, or even an image, fake, made in a graphics editor. Just to say is not possible.

Google Nexus One

However, we know that Android 3.0 is already being developed: this update release is scheduled for late this year. Recall codename Android OS version numbered 3.0 — Gingerbread.

Steve Ballmer Microsoft is not interested in e-reader

Steve Ballmer: Microsoft has no interest in e-reader

It seems that e-books are beginning to gain popularity in the casual users. Soon the international market will Amazon Kindle 2, and recently it was reported that famous bookselling firms Barnes & — Noble also prepares its own version of e-book. Even the tablet computer Apple, around which has broken multiple copies, according to the latest information, it may be & ldquo-sharpened & rdquo-when reading electronic versions of books and newspapers.

Steve Ballmer

It would be logical to assume that one of the main competitors & ldquo-fruit & rdquo-company Microsoft may release such a device. However, the head of Microsoft Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer), while in the Netherlands, told the press that the corporation has no such plans.