FSS and FAS are investigating Progorod disclosing state secrets cheap

FSS and FAS are investigating, "Progorod" disclosing state secrets, cheap

Navigation service "Progorod" came to the attention of the FSB and the Federal Antimonopoly Service. Recall that the project was launched last year, it is very expensive navigation software cost commercial license is only 950 rubles. However, the creators of "Progorod" claim that the basis of this system is fundamentally-new concept that takes into account the 's realities. Whatever it was, FAS is investigating a case of dumping LLC "CDcom Navigation" (owner "Progorod"), ie, trading at a loss in order to destroy the competition.

Broadcom BCM70015 chip on Intel Pine Trail M support Flash Player 101

Broadcom BCM70015 chip on Intel Pine Trail M supports Flash Player 10.1

It is known that the new & ldquo-Nuclear & rdquo-platform Intel Pine Trail M, as the previous version, does not have the & ldquo-away & rdquo-enabled high-definition video as 1080p. Such support may be just the next generation of & ldquo-Atomic & rdquo-graphs, the output of which is expected in late 2011. — It makes the netbook manufacturers seek the services of third party companies that produce their graphics solutions for mobile computing. One of these solutions is the video accelerator BCM70015, an updated version was presented at the end of last year, Broadcom.