Trio A mount lenses for Sony DSLR

Trio A mount lenses for Sony DSLR

Sony has expanded its range of A mount lenses for digital SLR cameras with three new models that will suit both experienced photographers and beginners.

Sony SAL24F20Z

Distagon T * 24mm F2 SSM (SAL24F20Z) is based on well-known design optics Carl Zeiss Distagon. As the manufacturer, this lens stands on a par with such decisions as Planar (SAL85F14Z) and Sonnar (SAL135F18Z), also developed in conjunction with Carl Zeiss. It is aimed at experienced photographers who need a wide angle lens with a large aperture for a truly outstanding results. Distagon T * 24mm F2 SSM (SAL24F20Z) functions as a wide-angle 24mm lens for full-frame 35mm cameras, as well as a lens with a 36mm equivalent focal length, suitable for standard use in the cells of the matrix format APS-C.

iTrip Auto

iTrip Auto

Company Griffin Technology, which has received some popularity due to its first hardware device that is ruled by iPhone (iTrip), has released a new product called iTrip Auto.

With this gadget you can use as an iPod, and iPhone. In the novelty implemented technology SmartScan, which enables you to transfer a playlist to the car stereomahnytolu. All you need to do to the user, so it's iTrip Auto connect to one of the Apple devices using a special Apple connector and enjoy your favorite songs. To apply power transmitter other end of the connector plugs into the cigarette lighter.