TouchPhone Fly E160 for two SIM cards — for young and active

TouchPhone Fly E160 for two SIM cards — for young and active

HM Fly introduced new Fly E160 candybar with touch screen and dual SIM card standby. Telephone represented in glossy white and black colors with subtle metallic edging line. Fly E160 will be available in late July for a suggested price of 4190 rubles.

Fly E160

As a manufacturer counts, Fly E160 is rated youth audience. This model provides a good opportunity for social networking and surfing the internet. Fly E160 supports Java, it established instant messaging services Nimbuzz, social networking and Internet iDeaWidgets & ndash-browser Opera Mini. With Nimbuzz and iDeaWidgets users can easily communicate online with friends on Skype, ICQ, GoogleTalk, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo IM, Twitter, AIM, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Classmates and many others.

Toyota recalls with a model SUV market

Toyota recalls with a model SUV market

It was reported that the largest automaker Toyota Corporation has announced a second recall of sport utility vehicles because of potential problems with system stability Stability car.

This time review cars touched Sequoia 2003 issue that have been implemented mainly in North America. Toyota is going to improve the system stability Stability about 50 thousand cars Sequoia, who came off the assembly line factory Toyota, located in Princeton, Indiana, for the period from April 2002 to April 2003 inclusive.

Any reports of accidents or were accidents that occurred due to improper operation of the system in this model has not yet been observed.