Started selling Desktop Dock — docking station for a smartphone Nexus One

Started selling Desktop Dock — docking station for a smartphone Nexus One

Google has announced the launch of sales in your online store dock Nexus One Desktop Dock. It can be installed Nexus One smartphone to charge. Recall, Nexus One of HTC — this is the first Android smartphone in online store search giant. Interestingly, when placed in the Desktop Dock unit automatically turns into hours: app includes Clock. Thus, if the smartphone is charging at night, it can be used as an alarm clock. In addition, the application provides quick access to weather forecasts, photo slideshows and music.

Nexus One Desktop Dock

But in addition to charging the Nexus One Desktop Dock is another feature.

Start selling the iPhone 4 in Russia

Start selling the iPhone 4 in Russia!

"The Messenger," — first announced the launch date of the iPhone 4 sales legal in Russia. At 00.00 hours on September 22 at the gallery of digital technology ", The Messenger" — at st. Tverskaya bud.17 iPhone 4 will find its first rulers in Russia. To mark the start of sales of the iPhone 4 will be held an unprecedented event — the first 50 visitors have come in the night from 21 to 22 September — can take your old iPhone any configuration and buy a new iPhone 4 with 50% discount. Also among the first buyers of the iPhone 4 will be played — two laptops Apple MacBook Pro.

iPhone 4

The two-story gallery digital clock "-The Messenger" — on Tverskaya & ndash-flagship store retail chain "-The Messenger" -.