Lomonosov supercomputer has stood the test heat

Supercomputer "Lomonosov" stood the test of heat

Engineers' T-Platforms "load test conducted supercomputer" Lomonosov "in order to ensure reliability of supply and cooling subsystems in Moscow established in abnormally hot weather. Tests include checking the system at maximum load of IT-equipment in ambient temperatures close to critical, test switching between refrigeration machines at maximum load and failure modeling of emergency climate system to test automation for entering backup equipment.

Lomonosov supercomputer

Supercomputer — "Lomonosov-" — a very compact unit: 4446 compute nodes and over 35,000 processing cores are placed on the area just 252 meters Because of the high computing density (from one cabinet to the equipment necessary to set aside up to 65 kW of heat) Climate infrastructure "-University" — is a complex system of heat.

AMD Llano chips hit the market next summer

AMD Llano chips hit the market next summer

Became known details about some new chips Llano, included in future processor family AMD Fusion, to which the Sunnyvale company has high hopes in terms of competition with Intel. With the words AMD vice president of marketing Leslie Sobon (Leslie Sobon), said in an interview InsideHW, it follows that the supply of these chips will start in the second quarter of next year and the beginning of their sales in the consumer market is scheduled for & ldquo-Summer 2011 & rdquo-.

AMD Fusion

Thus, consumers are likely to be able to buy AMD Llano series solution only in the third quarter of next year. This delay (still remember, it was assumed that the Llano chips will be available in the first quarter of 2011) may affect the competitiveness of these products compared with processors Intel Sandy Bridge, which should debut in about six months earlier.