Started selling Bada Smartphone Samsung Wave 723

Started selling Bada Smartphone Samsung Wave 723

Samsung Electronics Company announced the launch of Smartphone Samsung Wave 723 on the German market. Preview this model, the operating system Bada held in late summer this year. Even then, it was announced that the first new product will be released in Germany. However, the promised September release and failed — the device started selling only now. He then apparently spread and in other regions. Recall, Samsung Wave 723 has a 3.2-inch touchscreen, but the hardware keyboard it does not.

Samsung Wave 723

The features are the support for Bluetooth wireless interface of the new currently version 3.0, the presence of a 5 megapixel camera and folding leather flip that protects the screen.

E-book iRex DR800SG — 81-inch touchscreen and 3G support

E-book iRex DR800SG — 8,1-inch touchscreen and 3G support

Earlier news mentioned that the company iRex Technologies is preparing to release a new 8-inch e-book. And here was the announcement of the device, which the company called iRex DR800SG. Novelty is an e-book with 8.1-inch display, made by technology e-ink. EBooks module is equipped with Qualcomm Gobi, support for third-generation mobile communication. The device has 2GB of internal memory and a slot for memory cards.

iRex DR800SG

Users can download the e-book PDF, EPUB, Newspaper Direct, Fictionwise, eReader and TXT files. Device management is possible with the stylus, and such gestures as turning a page or tab possible and by touching fingers.