Chip AMD Llano (Fusion) in the form of full live photos

Chip AMD Llano (Fusion) — full-face view the "live" pictures

We have repeatedly inform our readers about the progress on the creation of a new microprocessor architecture called Fusion, sold by company AMD. The essence of this project is to bring together central mnohozadachnoho universal graphics processor with parallel multi-core processors in a single chip, which should increase the efficiency of computation and optimize energy consumption.

AMD Llano

As part of the Fusion preparation, including the debut of the new and desktop processor codenamed Llano. According to recent reports, release of accelerator computing (Accelerated Processing Unit, APU) is transferred to the second or third quarter of 2011, as part of the hybrid chip will go to four computing cores and GPU technology to support DirectX 11.

Series Thin Clients HP t5500 and HP 4320t and t5740e based on Windows Embedded Standard 7

Series Thin Clients HP t5500, and HP 4320t and t5740e based on Windows Embedded Standard 7

Company Hewlett-Packard (HP) has introduced several new solutions in its line of desktop virtualization space. First, a series of HP t5500 Thin Client with an improved set of tools HP Easy Tools, as well as two thin client operating system equipped with Windows Embedded Standard 7. HP also announced the imminent introduction of support for Citrix XenDesktop across the portfolio of thin clients. New Thin Clients HP t5550, t5565 and t5570 suited for office applications, online workspace virtualize or cloud computing computer. They are equipped with a choice of operating systems Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Windows CE Embedded 6.0 or HP ThinPro, as well as the latest plugins Citrix and Microsoft for any work environment.