The cost of roaming in the EU tends to zero

The cost of roaming in the EU tends to zero

How to tell the commissioner for telecommunications European Union Neely Kroes (Neelie Kroes), it intends to study the issue for mobile roaming in the area controlled by it. The result will be lower prices or even complete abolition of roaming charges in the EU. Moreover, in this case we are talking about the mobile Internet roaming. Even last year in the European Union was established ceiling price calls and short text messages while roaming.


However, data roaming until such restrictions imposed and now the price is about 80 cents per megabyte downloaded. According to Rabih Paul (Paul Rubig), MEP from Austria, this value should not be per megabyte and gigabyte for downloads.

John Lobb

John Lobb

John Lobb — famous and oldest shoe brand in the world.

It was founded in London in 1876, during the reign of Queen Victoria. Clients of the firm are British King Edward VII, as well as the legendary tenor Enrico Caruso. It is noted that the company John Lobb shoes worn and world-famous character of Ian Fleming — Her Majesty Queen spy James Bond.

The English have a particular fad — it is a good shoe, made to order. To confirm this fact, we can recall the phrase of Sherlock Holmes in Conan Doyle's "-Remember, Watson, this lady can be dressed in old clothes, but it will always be good shoes" -.