Dedicated environmentalist Green Slider Sony Ericsson Hazel appeared in The Messenger

Dedicated environmentalist, "green" Slider Sony Ericsson Hazel appeared in "The Messenger"

GC "-The Messenger" — announced that centers mobile communication ", The Messenger" — and webstore exclusive start selling phone Sony Ericsson Hazel. Recall, Sony Ericsson Hazel was announced in December last year and continues to line "eco-ethics" — phones GreenHeart. The model is due to environmental recycling plastic, no dangerous chemicals, charger with low power consumption (EP300 GreenHeart), eco-app Walk Mate, Green calculator counter and special packaging.

Sony Ericsson Hazel

The handset is designed in a slider form factor, building follows the curve of the apparatus of the human hand.

Choosing a wireless mouse

Choosing a wireless mouse

Recently a friend of yours bought a wireless keyboard and mouse, and you, of course, also lit up the idea to buy these newfangled gadgets that have become recently more clearly push their wireline competitors.

First, each user must be wondering — how long they are battery or batteries. Thus, although the first wireless mice counterparts worked very, very long. We had to constantly change batteries. But recently there was a qualitative shift and battery life, battery or accumulator increased to impressive numbers — 36 weeks. PC users are still not decided — it is better to use — batteries and accumulators.