Champion speed Internet access is declared Korea Russia 27th

Champion speed Internet access is declared South Korea, Russia — 27th

With the increasing volume and quality online content is paramount speed access to the World Wide Web. Indeed, to download movies in high definition on torrent trackers (which, however, in most cases suspicious holders) or watching HD videos streamed on special resources need high speed internet connection, otherwise the whole process becomes a painful torture.


Specialists Royal Pingdom decided to find out how things are going at a speed of accessing Internet resources around the world. According to published reports, the top ten three countries representing the Asian region, and another seven are located in Europe.

TV LG SL8500 — continuing series Borderless

TV LG SL8500 — continuing series Borderless

LG Borderless TV series expands with new models. In 2010, on the shelves of Russian stores present "-bezramkovi» — SL8000, SL9000, and unusual for this series changed SL8500.

LG SL8500

With all the advanced technical features eight thousandth Series LG Borderless, model SL8500 has a more classic design elements that directs advanced product on the consumer segment. When making models SL8500 series, LG has applied technology laminating film and injection molding. As a result, the TV looks a whole and well protected from scratches and its maximum thickness of only 4.5 cm on the Russian TV market SL8500 presented in two popular diagonals — 42 and 47.