Experts of the U.S. mobile phone — Danger Driver

U.S. experts: Mobile Phone — Danger Driver

The National Traffic Safety Administration on U.S. highways (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) conducted a study that took into account the number of deaths on the roads and explored their reasons. According to these data, 16% of all fatal car accidents in 2009 were caused by inattention while driving. That is, the driver was distracted by another activity instead of driving. Moreover, the number has increased: in 2005 it was only 10%.

Behind the wheel

And this growth is seen against the background of reducing the total number of deaths in car accidents: from 43,510 in 2005 to 33,808 in 2009. According to the NHTSA, about one-fifth (18%) deaths due to driver inattention on the road due to talking on a cell phone while driving straight.

Hackers stole Google Gaia — found reason Gmail hacking

Hackers stole Google Gaia — found reason for hacking Gmail?

We have already mentioned that the owners of the Gmail email accounts in a few weeks complaining about hacking their email accounts and sending spam from them. Other malicious hackers because these accounts have not yet produced. Currently, Google did not said that it made possible a massive hacking email, and what actions it is going to do to solve this problem.


However, the light on the matter, perhaps, could shed edition of The New York Times. As described in his article, citing an anonymous source in the cyber attacks on Google's servers in December last year, hackers managed to gain access to the program code-named Gaia.