Color electronic paper Fujitsu Laboratories

Color electronic paper Fujitsu Laboratories

A new achievement in improving technology & ldquo-electronic paper & rdquo-(e-paper) announced researchers at Fujitsu Laboratories. Reported that they were able to develop & ldquo-color electronic paper & ldquo-contrast ratio of 7:1, which is three times higher than in the previous generation of technology.

E-paper Fujitsu new and previous generation

Additionally, the display on the base of the & ldquo-electronic paper & rdquo — is twice as high speed imaging & ndash-in solving 1024 x 768 pixels, the figure is just 0.7 seconds. According to Fujitsu, their creations are the best in the world & ldquo-color electronic paper & ldquo-quality images received.

Steve Jobs confirms iPad with iOS 42 will lose the lock screen

Steve Jobs confirms: iPad with iOS 4.2 will lose the lock screen

It seems that with the release of firmware iOS 4.2 for the iPad this popular tablet computer will lose one of its functions (at least in its current form). In the next round of his now traditional correspondence with users of Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) confirmed that iOS 4.2 for iPad will change the appointment of one of the hardware buttons located on the side of the tablet.


This is a button with the function Screen rotation lock, which allows users to store the orientation of the image on the iPad screen, regardless of the spatial position of the device. — With the advent of firmware — iOS 4.2 this switch will change its destination on Mute, ie the inclusion of & ldquo-dumb & rdquo-operation.