Chipset Marvell Pantheon will form the basis for Smartphone 99

Chipset Marvell Pantheon will form the basis Smartphone for $ 99

The company Marvell has introduced a new hardware platform called Pantheon. This chipset, according to the manufacturer intended to build on its base of smartphones and communicators. Marvell Pantheon includes an ARM processor clocked at over 800MHz, DSP processor module cellular adapters, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and FM radio. Mobile devices based on it will support HD video (720p), three-dimensional graphics technology DirectX, Open GL ES 2.0 and so on. However, they differ long battery life. And as operating systems can be used Android, Windows Mobile and other software platforms.


It is easy to see that the main features required by modern smartphones and communicators, the platform implements the Pantheon.

Spare parts for mobile phones and iPhone Purpose The main causes of failure

Spare parts for mobile phones and iPhone.  Purpose.  The main causes of failure

Have you ever thought about how many spare parts for mobile phones needed to collect a small machine that provides you with a reliable everyday mobile communication?

During the assembly of cell phone use hundreds of parts for mobile phones. All accessories for mobile phones and spare parts for the iPhone can be divided into several groups depending on their purpose and characteristics of repair.


Strictly speaking, the motherboard is not a detail, because she has many parts. One of the elements recorded motherboard unique ID IMEI, which, in essence, is the basis of the phone, its identifier.