iPhone Spy Stick

iPhone Spy Stick

Specialists BrickHouse Security, which specializes in the development of new technologies in the security community presented their new brainchild iPhone Spy Stick — is a small gadget that allows you to easily retrieve deleted information from the iPhone.

Recovery procedure shall be as text messages and pictures, contacts, calendar events, call history, browsing history, and even GPS.

This gadget looks like an ordinary flash drive and use it is very simple — you should just connect both iPhone and Spy Stick to PC and click one of the buttons in the menu. The only significant limitation — is a new gadget only on devices running iOS 3.2.1 and earlier versions.

Chips Atom N455 and N475 with support for memory DDR3 — in the third quarter

Chips Atom N455 and N475 with support for memory DDR3 — in the third quarter

Remember the & ldquo-nuclear & rdquo-processors N45x and N47x, the alleged issue we reported on the news? Now, thanks to the efforts of the resource Fudzilla became known full names of these chips — Atom N455 and Atom N475. In this case, the most interesting in the new CPU is that they are reported to receive support memory DDR3.

Intel Atom

Recall the existing family of Intel Atom chips only support obsolete memory DDR2, gradually fell out of use. Meanwhile DDR3 memory has better performance and energy efficiency, which is important for those compact systems, which typically operate & ldquo-nuclear & rdquo-processors.