Kensington PowerGuard

Kensington PowerGuard

It should be noted that the cases for the iPhone must be such as Kensington PowerGuard, namely the same original and practical.

At first glance Kensington PowerGuard — is the most common extra battery for iPhone. The unit capacity of 1200 mAh is made in the form of a protective case. To provide additional novelty polzovateely 4:00 conversations, 5:00 video or 22 hours of listening to your favorite tracks. In addition, the device has a port microUSB, used for charging and syncing. Also in Kensington PowerGuard is the volume control buttons and an LED battery level indicator.

The district home page — and to close Twitter

The district home page — and to close Twitter

Russian Interior Ministry has launched a campaign called "Safety starts with trust." Project is that each police precinct will have to make their own web site. There will need to place the following information: photos, biography and contacts. You can also specify which areas responsible for the district, opening hours visitors photographs of people wanted and so on. In addition, local sites, according to the plan of the founders of the project, will assume the feedback, that is, in a special section visitors can ask questions and report any bugs their offense.

Uncle Steve

It is worth noting that at this point in Russia — about 54 thousand local police.