Most problems occur on Windows 7 installation phase

Most problems occur on Windows 7 installation phase

Company iYogi, which organizes technical support, published the results of an interesting survey, which was attended by more than 100,000 of its customers. According to these reports, the most problems for users of Windows 7 appears on the stage of the installation.

Windows 7

For example, 31 percent of people who participated in the survey iYogi and have experienced difficulties with Windows 7, admitted that the difficulties began at the stage of recovery or installation software platform. In the same number includes users who are faced with the problem of transferring dannyh.Konechno, these difficulties are not classified as unsolvable, but they do not make the best first impression of the operating system.

Home sales of new cases Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 in Russia

Home sales of new cases Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 in Russia

Antec company announced sales in the long-awaited news — Cases Series DF-85 Dark Fleet. Case DF-85 from Antec is designed for advanced assembly systems, as evidenced by the rich specification such case is designed to fit up to 14 different drives.

Antec Dark Fleet DF-85

As the manufacturer, system modeling and aprhreyd be creative rather than time-consuming process for any user of this series. Rational design of each element, almost black color, original front panel with 3.5-inch modular bay Fleet-Swap, protected regardless Fleet-Release doors and individual fans with removable washable filters & ndash-provides quick and proper installation of components.