Fantasy designers or might look like Sony PSP 2

Fantasy designers, or might look like Sony PSP 2

Although the published site VG247 last November & ldquo-spyware & rdquo-rays, which presumably was depicted familiar rumored portable game console Sony PSP 2, were not very clear, their appearance caused quite a flurry of reviews on the World Wide Web, from enthusiastic to critical. But artists magazine PSM3 these images seem to be inspired to create drawings that show how the future might look like pocket console from Sony.

Sony PSP 2

As evident from these figures, the portable console Sony PSP 2 may be made in the slider form factor, which when folded basic hardware controls are hidden behind the screen.

Quiet and green Nettop Sparkle Calibre CUTi in the center of family entertainment

Quiet and "green" nettop Sparkle Calibre CUTi — at the center of family entertainment

Sparkle The company officially introduced the new compact desktop Calibre CUTi. Novelty has dimensions of 210 x 135 x 36 mm and is built on a platform NVIDIA Ion, which provides it with good multimedia features. Not by chance this nettop called true family entertainment center.

Sparkle Calibre CUTi

The structure Sparkle Calibre CUTi is dual core Atom 330 1.6GHz, up to 4GB of RAM DDR2, hard disk capacity of 160 GB or 320, as well as integrated graphics class GeForce 9400, providing support for DirectX 10 and play Full HD video.

The maximum level of output noise in nettops Sparkle Calibre CUTi not exceed 26 acoustic decibels, while its standby power is only 14 watts.