Fortified and unsinkable 5 megapixel camera phone Sony Ericsson Susan and Sunny

Fortified and unsinkable 5 megapixel camera phone Sony Ericsson Susan and Sunny

The company Sony Ericsson, apparently, will soon join its portfolio with two new models. While they are known under the codename Susan and Sunny, a candy bar and slider with a numeric keypad. Moreover, both the mobile phones are reinforced and waterproof. Indeed, the appearance of Susan and Sunny is quite solid, although it is difficult to accurately judge: while they are only images of real photos yet.

Sony Ericsson Susan

According to the source, both mobile phones Sony Ericsson Susan and Sunny equipped with a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. Apparently one of the buttons, Susan may be a smartphone running Android, though this is unlikely.

Hard Times Nokia will cut 1,800 employees

Hard Times: Nokia will cut 1,800 employees

Nokia has summed up the results of the third quarter of 2010. During this period, she earned over $ 565 million net profit and revenue rose by 5% to reach $ 14.4 billion. It sold 110.4 million mobile devices, of which 26.5 million — a smartphone. Sales of smartphones, by the way, grew by 61% compared to last year. Thus, the expected decline in market share for Nokia 2010 total results.


The Finnish company, apparently, all efforts to solve the crisis and regain the old position of absolute leadership of insurmountable distance from competitors. Yes, changed some of its executives, including CEO: this post took Ilop Stephen (Stephen Elop).