Fusion Silicon Finger Tongs

Fusion Silicon Finger Tongs

Housewives who spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing different delicious dishes for himself and of his family, occasionally obpikayutsya or oshparyuyut at something hot.

If you want to once and for all rid your darling mate from such hassles, then you should pay attention to the new silicone kitchen tongs Fusion Silicon Finger Tongs. They will greatly facilitate work in the kitchen and with them you and your loved ones, most likely never will scorch.

These tongs convenient to work in the kitchen, they are very easy to use. With them you can not take the risk and put hot meat from the hot pan, get bacon, hot sandwich or any other dish that you cook.

Ultrathin LCD Monitor ASUS Designo MS Series

Ultrathin LCD Monitor ASUS Designo MS Series

ASUStek Company announced the release of a new series of ultra-thin LCD monitors Designo MS, which includes model MS246 (23,6 inches), MS236 (23 inches), MS227 (22 inches), MS226 (21,5 inches) and MS202 (20 inches ). As the producer, Designo MS Series embodies the contrasts in December & ndash-between straight lines and circles, black and white. As a result, designers in ultrathin monitor thickness of 16.5 mm of the original ring stand, whereby the angle of the screen you can change the motion of one finger. In accordance with the requirements of ergonomics ceiling screen monitors Designo MS Series is at eye level user, they can be used as a supplement to a laptop.