Fotodebyut sliders Microsoft Pure and Turtle are expected to appear in Europe

Fotodebyut sliders Microsoft Pure and Turtle, are expected to appear in Europe

As the Internet continues to leak details about the project Microsoft Pink. Recall, though, that Microsoft will never confirmed, it is believed that it is preparing to release mobile devices under its own brand. Models named Pure and Turtle, chances are it's functional phones, not smart phones or PDA phones.

Microsoft Pure

Resource Engadget posted a picture of these two new devices, this time they are quite clear. Microsoft Pure — is a side-slider with a sliding QWERTY keyboard and Turtle — rounded vertical slider with a QWERTY keyboard that slides down. The manufacturer of both devices is the company Sharp.

T-Platforms supercomputer line updates

"T-Platforms' updates supercomputer line

The company "T-Platforms" — concluded the first phase of updating functionality blade of T-Blade2, designed for building supercomputer installations petaflopsnoho level of performance. Platform T-Blade2 on a six-core Intel Xeon processor 5600 was presented April 2 at the presentation from Intel, dedicated to the announcement of the new processor series. Simultaneously, the company completed the validation of new memory modules of its own design. Thus, the performance of the updated platform T-Blade 2 increased by 50% — from 3 to 4.5 TFLOPS in chassis height 7U, and the amount of RAM & ndash-by 100%.