Cylindrical stereodispley Sony RayModeler 3D exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2010

Cylindrical stereodispley Sony RayModeler 3D exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2010

Sony is showing at the SIGGRAPH 2010 conference devoted to the latest graphics technology and passes these days in Los Angeles, one of their latest developments & ndash-stereoscopic display cylindrical shape with an overview of 360 degrees. Moreover, for viewing three-dimensional images on this display does not require special glasses.

Sony RayModeler 3D

A prototype of this system called RayModeler 3D, Sony was announced last fall, talked about it and we are in the news. In the video, posted on the World Wide Web, clearly shows that the display RayModeler 3D diameter of 130 mm and a height of 270 mm, made from LEDs really able to reflect, as it were, a natural stereoscopic image.

Petaflops supercomputer to be based at the University

Petaflops supercomputer to be based at the "University"

At Moscow University hosted a meeting of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation intensive development, which was attended by Chairman of the State Duma BV Gryzlov and rector of Moscow State University, Academician VA Sadovnichii. Before the meeting, Victor A. Gryzlov university supercomputer show "Lomonosov": server module demonstrated national development and responded to questions about the system cooling and power consumption, which can be compared with those for a small town.

Moscow State University named after Lomonosov

The meeting noted that one of the most promising areas & mdash-performance computing.