ZEN X-Fi Style

ZEN X-Fi Style

Creative Company introduced its stylish players ZEN X-Fi Style.

So now a number of new products added two new series of stylish, simple and yet very inexpensive portable media players called the ZEN X-Fi Style and ZEN Style.

Series players ZEN X-Fi Style is more to high-class valley, rather than simple ZEN Style, its representatives are provided with 2.4'' display, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB memory, built-in speaker, microphone, and also output to your TV. In the presence of standard premium sound X-Fi, a player can play the downloaded RSS, but it is true, this function its specific Internet features over.

Color and touch screen E Ink — later this year and early next

Color and touch screen E Ink — later this year and early next

Taiwanese vendor displays based on electronic ink E Ink Holdings has announced that its sample color displays of this type have already been sent equipment manufacturers. And the Chinese company Hanvon has announced its decision to release e-books with color E Ink displays to the end of this year — in the fourth quarter. According to the head of Scott Liu (Scott Liu), a promising direction next year readers with color screens take about 10% of e-books around the world.

Scott Liu

New color panel on e-ink — it is, in fact, E Ink Pearl display with color filter, said Liu. Black and White Pearl screens have entered the market, they have improved performance on the part of the response time and reflexivity.