Japanese scientists have developed an emotional phone

Japanese scientists have developed "emotional" phone

The team from the University of Tokyo (Japan) has created a technology that enables the transfer of emotion from one mobile phone to another on a physical level. The system includes a sensor that captures the change in electrical resistance of the skin hand that holds the phone and Peltier element. And if the excitement, anger or violation hand starts to sweat, the corresponding electrical signal is transmitted to another device and "tube" starts to heat up (which is responsible for this and Peltier module).


Thus, from talking to "high tones" mobile phone can rozzharytysya not in a figurative and in the literal sense.

LG A155

LG A155

Mobile 'candy bar »LG A155 is available in.

In company LG Electronics has started selling its new mobile phone LG A155. The handset is designed in the style of "monoblock" mobile devices, and has a slot just for two SIM-cards.

This enables the LG A155 simultaneously support the network of two operators GSM / GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz for frequency. Equipped with phone 2-inch TFT-monitor with a resolution of 176×220 pixels, built-in memory capacity of 4GB, Bluetooth Class 2.0, a slot for flash format MicroSD up to 2GB and FM-radio, running without the need for a headset.

Cameras, apparently in the mobile phone no.