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Guillaume Committee — is one of those people who came to watch art because it attracted a mechanical clock as an entertaining toy.

Its distinct talent watchmaker was highly rated in such time companies like Harry Winston and Jaeger LeCoultre. But the master would have to create their own brand. Committee named his company as an anagram of the most famous Swiss watchmaking city of Neuchatel. C 2004 in Basel watchmaker presents its new masterpieces — Conceptual watches that experts in something compared to locomotives, because they have a lot of wheels and is a kind of "-locomotive" — a lever that provides traction.

Power consumption 4 nuclear Sandy Bridge compared with 2 nuclear Calpella

Power consumption 4 nuclear Sandy Bridge compared with 2 nuclear Calpella

Currently, manufacturers of consumer-grade laptops do not really give a quad-core processor, preferring mobile CPU with two cores. Clearly, computing power chip with four cores are usually higher than its dual-core & ldquo-colleagues & rdquo-, which affects the overall system performance.


However, growth performance has to pay an increase in energy consumption and, consequently, decrease the battery life of mobile computer. Do not forget also that existing chotyrohyadernyk is still produced at rates 45-nm process technology, while mobile Arrandale chips with two computing cores are created by more efficient 32 nm technology.