Customs gives good providers began receiving documents FSB to import electronics

Customs gives good: Suppliers FSB began to receive documents for the importation of electronics

Resumed the import of mobile phones, laptops and other electronics, it was discontinued due to have entered into force on 1 January of the new rules of the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. We have already mentioned that as a result of Russian operators "big three" threatened to disrupt the timing deploy third-generation networks, which in turn threatens the withdrawal of licenses. The equipment for infrastructure networks, stuck in customs. And now the FSB began to issue the necessary documents to suppliers.


Under the new rules of the Customs Union, radio-electronic means of encrypting data elements to be notified in the "authorized body of executive power." However, the authority has not been determined, although manufacturers immediately turned to the FSB.

VIA Nano 3000

VIA Nano 3000

The company VIA Technologies has announced a new series of his creation — Nano 3000 processors that compared with its predecessors have over 20% power and can now compete with the new rival series Intel Atom.

Nano 3000 Processors created on 65-nanometer technology and have the bus speed of 800 MHz, 64-bit support SSE4 instructions and support for new Windows 7 operating system. It is reported that these processors are equipped with integrated support for playback of multimedia content in a format 1080p.

Very soon you can expect the first ultraportable laptop made based on VIA Nano processors 3000 and later and more powerful PCs.