Rolltop Laptop

Rolltop Laptop

We would like to introduce you to an interesting concept ROLL TOP Laptop, which was designed by German design companies Orkin Design and Schlagheck-Design. This new precision should come to taste lovers of unusual gadgets.

The device is endowed with a flexible display, some of which is touch keyboard, and the other part — the 13-inch display. Also novelty ROLL TOP Laptop can be used as a 17-inch screen by connecting it to a PC or to the same size TabletPC.

If this concept will be produced in series, we can finally get rid of big bags and heavy laptops, so hopefully the success of German developers.

Test performance faster iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS iPad but slower

Performance Test: iPhone 4 faster iPhone 3GS, iPad but slower

Continue to receive information about new device iPhone 4 is the official start of sales will take place tomorrow, June 24. But now a number of people have ordered their equipment and perhaps one of the models tested owner performance using Geekbench 2 and BenchTest. We know that the iPhone 4 the same processor Apple A4, that of the iPad, but the manufacturer has not officially announced its clock speed. Apparently, she is 1 GHz.

iPhone 4

The test results showed BenchTest figure was 2,514 iPhone 4 and iPad — 3.667. That is, the device is still running slower tablet. At the same time, the novelty significantly more productive its predecessor — iPhone 3GS.