Intel Sandy Bridge chips promise TDP is much lower than the existing models

Intel Sandy Bridge chips promise TDP is significantly lower than the existing models

There are new details about the upcoming Sandy Bridge processors for desktop computers, Intel plans to introduce early next year. Recall that Sandy Bridge chips will be created according to the norms 32 nm process technology and solutions are highly integrated, where the computational kernel memory controller and GPU are integrated on a single chip.


We have previously reported that Sandy Bridge processor architecture should be much better existing solutions. And we now know that the level of these TDP CPU promises to be much lower, and the performance of the new chips will be identical to the performance of their current counterparts.

Light LM-mini20 nettop from Mouse Computer-based NVIDIA Ion

Light LM-mini20 nettop from Mouse Computer-based NVIDIA Ion

The company Mouse Computer introduced a slim nettop LM-mini20. Nettop is made based on the platform NVIDIA Ion and received an Intel Atom 230 processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz. On board there is also 1GB of RAM (expandable to have 3 GB) and a hard disk of 160, 320 or 500 GB. Nettop is really thin — the thickness of the device is only 20 mm. General dimensions are 172,5 h153, 5h20 mm. The computer comes with preinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium.

Mouse Computer Lm-mini20

A nice feature of this model is that it is designed with the ability to install on any LCD screen. As conceived by the manufacturer, this nettop should be used as the center of home entertainment.