Top Manager Microsoft has confirmed HTC HD2 will not get Windows Phone 7 Series

Top Manager Microsoft confirmed: HTC HD2 will not get Windows Phone 7 Series

At the MIX10 conference finally cleared up the situation regarding the possibility of upgrading the operating system device HTC HD2 to Windows Phone 7 Series. Getting such rumors put "live" photo from February Mobile World Congress, which shows the interface HTC HD2 Windows Phone 7 Series on the screen. And then, Microsoft has made itself hints that the possibility of issuing updates will be considered, although the specific commitments it gave.


But the latest news malouteshitelny: firmware update until the new mobile platform Microsoft Communicator HTC HD2 receives.

Steve Jobs 7-inch iPad WILL NOT

Steve Jobs: 7-inch iPad WILL NOT

During his speech on a quarterly financial conference Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), usually marked by several very interesting statements on various issues. One of them concerned the 7-inch version of the tablet iPad, supposedly developed in the bowels of Apple as a supplement to the usual 10-inch version.

Steve Jobs

Despite the fact that many electronics manufacturers have introduced or are preparing to announce soon precisely Tablet PC with 7-inch diagonal, similar display size, according to the head of Apple, is not ideal for touch-screen devices. How Steve Jobs joked, it is meaningless unless the set up of the plate is not included sandpaper, which allows the user to prove his fingers about a quarter of the present size.