Humor layout of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 device with Lego

Humor from Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 layout communicator with Lego

It seems, Microsoft took seriously outperform in terms of unexpected and funny inventions professional comic shop. Not long ago we reported on the funeral blaznivskyh iPhone and BlackBerry, the staff arranged Redmond company after coming out mobile operating system Windows Phone 7.

layout of Windows Phone 7

And now life Engadget posted some photos, which shows one of Microsoft sent out invitations to the event Executive Event for Windows Phone 7 is scheduled for November. Obviously, the corporation decided to separate the presentation of its latest software platform for managers, while the official release of Windows Phone 7 to be held on October 11.

Functional Smartphone HTC EVO 4G networks for WiMAX — Now Available

Functional Smartphone HTC EVO 4G networks for WiMAX — Now Available

U.S. operator Sprint announced the release for sale of the smartphone HTC EVO 4G. According to the telecommunications company, is the first in the U.S. mobile 3G/4G. Although, to be more precise, the model works in CDMA cellular networks and mobile networks supporting WiMAX. It is in these standards provides the operator Sprint, although its WiMAX network covers the whole country yet. HTC EVO 4G Price is $ 199.99 (with a two-year contract and a discount of $ 100). In this case, the use of WiMAX networks have to pay extra $ 10 to the fare.


Recall, HTC EVO 4G — is perhaps one of the most functional smartphone on the market.