French court fined Google for that search engine called her rapist Rapist

French court fined Google because its search engine called rapist 'rapist'

French court ordered the company to pay Google 5,000 euros compensation for defamation. It is reported that a customer whose name was not called, found such feature French search engine Google: when typing its name in the search box predictable additions were words like "violence", "rapist" and "prison" (feature "Live search "). The victim admitted that such unflattering comments defame his reputation. However, he had really sentenced to prison for indecent assault relatively minor.

Judgment shall be as specified in the electronic edition of the French newspaper Le Monde, was released on September 8.

Experts estimated the Russian market 3G

Experts estimated the Russian market 3G

Company J & rsquo-son & — Partners Consulting presented the results of the updated study of the Russian market of third-generation networks. Experts estimated metrics such as customer base, the number of sold modems and phones with support for 3G, coverage for individual towns, traffic and revenue data and more. Moreover, the standard 3G J & rsquo-son & — Partners Consulting classifies as CDMA, which develops in "Sky Link" and UMTS — mobile standard "big three".


In the first half of 2010, the number of subscriber devices connected to the networks of CDMA-450 increased by 7.8% and exceeded 1.5 million.