Lumix DMC — G2

Lumix DMC - G2

Representatives from Panasonic has recently presented its first-ever system camera with interchangeable lens and touch controls.

The camera was established on the basis of the standard Micro 4/3. New uses bezzerkalnuyu new design that helped to make it more compact and lightweight than any SLR models. Touch screen device connects visual images and operator of almost intuitive level — the development of the camera in Panasonic made a priority focus on the interests of non-professional photographers.

Touching the subject on the LCD touch-screen Lumix DMC — G2 activates the auto focus (AF) and automatic exposure (AE) — using the touch control can even release the shutter.

Functional Smartphone Motorola MILESTONE XT720 continues to develop Europe

Functional Smartphone Motorola MILESTONE XT720 continues to develop Europe

Smartphone Motorola MILESTONE XT720, designed for the European market, was announced earlier this month. His appearance was promised in the sales this quarter, but the exact timing at the time of the announcement was not called. We have already mentioned that — in the UK this novelty can come in early July.

Motorola MILESTONE XT720

And now there is information about the release Motorola MILESTONE XT720 in another European country — Germany. On the start of sales of new products on the German market the official release of Motorola. However, the cost of the device, as well as partnerships with some operators said nothing.