RunCore Solid State Drives for up to 1 TB of data

RunCore Solid State Drives for up to 1 TB of data

China Manufacturer RunCore announced model solid state drive-based controllers SandForce. Storage capacity of 3.5-inch form factor reached 1 TB. Novelty is not only more memory but also a fairly high speed data transfer. This is achieved by the fact that the device has an interface SATA 6.0 Gbps. The actual data rate may reach, according to the manufacturer, the 500 MB per second.

RunCore SSD

If you look inside the device, you can see two SSD card, integrated RAID controller. If you consider these fees separately, each using the controller SandForce SF-1222, and read and write speeds up by 285 and 275 MB per second.

Exploit hacking consoles Sony PlayStation 3 published

Exploit hacking consoles Sony PlayStation 3 published

Hacker George Hotz (George Hotz), also known by the nickname Heohot (GeoHot), finally published his method, which he claims can break a game console Sony PlayStation 3. Thus, hackers around the world the opportunity to get full access to the PlayStation 3 system memory with the ability to write back information, and HV level access to the processor console.

Sony PlayStation 3

Earlier Heohot, which brought worldwide fame in his time jailbreak iPhone, said that he was able to fool the protection Sony PS3, which remained impenetrable since the release of video game consoles in November 2006. Therefore, users of this console can also try to hack it to get a chance to play it in pirated video games.