Nokia N900

Nokia N900

Nokia N900 has already appeared in stores Nokia, The Messenger-3 and MM Videos for the price of around 28,900 rubles.

Functions on the Nokia N900 Maemo 5 operating system, endowed processor Cortex-A8 600 MHz, 480×800 pixel display, a camera of 5 MP and 32 GB of internal memory, which if desired can be increased to 48 GB using a memory card MicroSD.

A distinctive feature of the Nokia N900 is the fact that it supports multitasking, ie you can easily run more than 10 applications simultaneously. SMS-messages are displayed on the ladder in the form of chat.

Soon will be required to take a variety of new applications for the operating system Maemo, which will be available by special services Maemo Select and Ovi Store.

Hacker shocked he was found after the robbery Russian Post

Hacker shocked: he was found after the robbery "Mail of Russia"

Press Service of the Ministry of Interior reported that in the Komi Republic was uncovered embezzlement of funds committed by virtual means. In November 2009, the Internal Affairs received a statement of the Republican leadership Branch of FSUE "Russian Post," — that during a routine audit in one — post offices Ukhta found stealing 90 thousand. During the inspection it was found that the theft occurred in June 2009, a virtual way with personal account postmen in one of the payment systems.

Russian Post

Disclosure things complicated way crime vulnerabilities using specialized software withdrawal of money micropayments for dozens of accounts and commit theft from other regions of Russia.