Unique compact nettop WexlerVisION-2

Unique compact nettop Wexler.VisION-2

Company "AVIRSU Electronics", a manufacturer of computer technology Wexler, has announced the release of the second generation mini PC VisION-2 & ndash-universal compact nettop. As promised manufacturer, WEXLER.VisION-2 & ndash-a more advanced version of the mini computer entertainment WEXLER.VisION. Improvements have undergone virtually all key parameters and despite the fact that the price of a new PC increased slightly, by an average of 1000 rubles:

  • More powerful dual-core Intel Atom Dual Core 330 to increase the capacity.
  • Attached to the DVI port HDMI, which gives pbolshie connectivity TVs, video projectors and monitors.
  • Carbon nanotubes with defects help create ultracapacitors

    Carbon nanotubes with defects help create ultracapacitors

    One of the most promising areas of nanotechnology are carbon nanotubes. They are elongated cylindrical structure with a diameter of one to several tens of nanometers and length up to several centimeters and consist of multiple rolled into a tube with nanoplastin graphite lattice structure.

    Carbon Nanotubes

    Applications of carbon nanotubes can be varied & ndash-off against industrial waste and creating a thin film transistor to use in wires and transmission lines. But a team of scientists from the University of San Diego, California, has proposed the use of special defects in carbon nanotubes for efficient storage of electricity, which will continue to create ultracapacitors for mobile devices.