Pictures of HTC 7 Trophy based on Windows Phone 7 fallen off the keyboard photo

Photo: the HTC 7 Trophy based on Windows Phone 7 fallen off keyboard photo

We have already mentioned in the news about the communicator HTC Trophy. By this model is known for a long time, even as a model based on Windows Mobile 6.5. And not so long ago in the accounting system operator Vodafone device was spotted with a new name HTC 7 Trophy, which is obviously talking about his support for the new operating system Windows Phone 7. And now the Internet and published photos of the device and, as it turned out, it is a mnobolok with a large touch screen, touch buttons below it and no visible signs of a hardware keyboard.

HTC 7 Trophy

Recall the earlier images of HTC Trophy looks like a candy bar with a touchscreen and QWERTY located underneath the keyboard.

Photo Frame Clock and tape measure to find the USB hubs from Konoos

Frame, clock and tape — useful USB hubs from Konoos

Company KlavTorh, the official distributor of the brand Konoos, introduced in the Russian market three new USB hub & mdash-clock Konoos UK-8 frame Konoos UK-9 and roulette Konoos UK-10.

Konoos UK-9

Konoos UK-9 & mdash-is primarily a photo frame with light, which is equipped with four USB ports on the back side. Each USB-port can connect different gadgets & mdash-cameras, PDAs, MP3 players and so on. Connecting to a PC via the USB port, the device size & mdash-83 x 55 x 108 mm.

Konoos UK-9

Konoos UK-8 & mdash-a digital clock with backlight and a hub for 4 USB ports. Backlight of the display is connected to the USB port of your PC.