Steve Ballmer plans to sell 75 million shares of Microsoft

Steve Ballmer plans to sell 75 million shares of Microsoft

Some unexpected news came from the world's leading software giant. It is reported that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) intends to sell about 75 million of its own shares Redmond company, and, due to a desire to & ldquo-achieve financial diversification & rdquo-and & ldquo-help in tax planning before the end of the year & rdquo-. However, Ballmer is the second largest shareholder after the Microsoft Bill Gates (Bill Gates), which owns about 620 million shares (about 7.2 percent) of the company.

Steve Ballmer

Note that on sale of approximately 75 million shares of Microsoft are about 18 percent of the estimated 408 million shares redmondskoho IT giant, owned by Steve Ballmer.



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But different key sizes of devices designed to make life easier for users, also can not please everyone, especially people with big fingers. In the light of what is necessary to introduce wireless keyboard Jorno, which perfectly combines the compactness during transportation and ease of typing.

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